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Our Methodology

Our investment methodology centers around trading the FX spot market, with a specific focus on well-established currency pairs. Leveraging price action technical trading concepts, our strategies effectively capitalize on market opportunities and exploit inefficiencies. We employ rigorously back-tested algorithmic systems to optimize risk management and trade execution process.

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Highly Disciplined, Time-Tested Approach

  • We strictly adhere to a disciplined and mathematically-driven trading strategy, designed to optimise profitability while prioritising risk mitigation

  • We employ a meticulously back-tested algorithmic strategy, proven to excel across extensive historical time periods, enabling us to navigate through challenging market conditions, including periods of crisis.


Technical / Fundamental Analysis

  • Our fund employs a market-neutral strategy, supported by a range of technical and probabilistic analyses to secure optimal entry and exit signals.

  • Our investment approach also incorporates event-driven fundamental analysis, ensuring that we account for key market events. This enhances the well-rounded nature of our strategy and helps mitigate risks associated with unforeseen market events.


Prudent Selection with Optimised Positioning 

  • Our investment methodology is founded upon the careful filtering, rigorous testing, and meticulous selection of forex currency pairs.

  • With the integration of precise position sizing, this approach enables us to effectively minimize risk, safeguarding the stability and long-term growth of our portfolio.

Why FX

  • Unparalleled Liquidity: The forex market stands as the largest and most liquid global financial market, with a staggering daily liquidity of US$5-6 trillion. This depth of liquidity fosters seamless trading and enhances market efficiency.

  • Mitigated Tail Risk: The forex market offers a relatively lower level of concern regarding black swan tail risks compared to other financial markets. 

  • Diversification Opportunity: Investing in forex allows for diversification beyond traditional asset classes. This diversification can help mitigate risk by creating a portfolio that is uncorrelated to broader market movements, increasing resilience during market fluctuations.

  • 24/5 Trading Access: The forex market operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, providing abundant trading opportunities. 

  • Profit Potential in All Market Conditions: The forex market offers the potential for higher returns in both bullish and bearish market environments. This adaptability allows investors to capitalize on profit opportunities regardless of market direction.

Why Algo Trading?

  • Emotion-Free Trading: By eliminating the emotional ups and downs associated with manual trading, algo trading allows for a more rational and objective approach to decision-making, resulting in more consistent and reliable outcomes.

  • Speed and Adaptability: Algo trading excels in its ability to react and adapt swiftly to volatile market conditions. With faster execution times than humans, it capitalizes on market opportunities in real-time, providing a competitive edge.

  • Systematic Precision: The systematic and computerized nature of algo trading ensures best-in-class execution, leaving no room for human error. This approach guarantees accurate and efficient trade implementation, enhancing overall performance.

  • Consistent Edge: Algo trading enables the development of a consistent and sustainable edge over the long run. 

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