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Begin your investment journey with us 

Navigating the complexities of forex markets can be daunting. Entrust us with the responsibility of managing your trades.

1. Register

To begin the process, start by contacting us to find out more details and the procedures.

Open a brokerage account with our partner, FP Markets using our unique link (which we will provide subsequently)

2. Fund

Fund your account via bank transfer

3. Follow

Follow our trades through a copytrading link provided

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the traders access my money? Are my funds safe?
    Rest assured, at PinePeak, we prioritize the safety and security of your funds. With Copy Trading, you simply follow our trades while maintaining full control over your finances. Your funds are securely held in a fully segregated client account with the brokerage, ensuring that only you have the authority to make deposits or withdrawals.
  • What are the fees?
    In line with our core belief, we are committed to aligning our interests with our investors, which is why we do not charge any management or other fees. Our focus is on delivering results and generating profits for our clients. Hence, we only charge performance fees, meaning we only earn a share of the profits when our clients make money. To further strengthen this alignment, we implement a high watermark feature across our product. The high watermark ensures that we only charge performance fees when we surpass your previous highest equity point, safeguarding your investment. At the close of business on the last calendar day of each month, we will capture your account equity to calculate the fees involved. Please reach out to us for more information on our fees.
  • Can I stop the service or make withdrawals whenever I wish?
    Yes, we believe in providing our investors with complete control and flexibility. There is no lock-in period, giving you the freedom to manage your funds according to your preferences. You have 100% control over your funds and can withdraw any portion or the entirety of your funds at any time.
  • How do I view my account?
    At PinePeak, we prioritize transparency and provide investors with live access to their accounts, available through the brokerage mobile app or online portal. With this accessibility, investors can conveniently check their account balance at any time, ensuring constant visibility of their investment. Additionally, we provide daily and monthly statements that detail historical trades, keeping investors well-informed about the performance of their portfolio.
  • What is a high watermark?
    High watermark establishes a reference point or threshold based on the highest peak value that an investment account has reached in the past. The purpose of the high-water mark is to align our interests with those of the investor. The investment manager is only eligible to receive performance fees if the account's value exceeds the previous highest point, protecting the investor from paying fees on the same gains repeatedly. In summary, the high-water mark safeguards the investor's highest equity point and ensures that performance fees are charged only when new incremental profits are generated.
  • What happens to the profit made in the month?
    Your profits are automatically reinvested, allowing for potential compounding growth. However, you maintain full control over your funds and can make withdrawals at any time according to your preferences and financial needs.
  • Are there any referral benefits / program?
    Yes, we do have a referral program for our existing clients. For more details and information on how to participate, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to provide you with all the necessary information regarding our referral program.
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