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About Our Firm

How It All Began

At PinePeak, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional investment returns and financial services to our investors. Our journey began with an ambition among the founders who recognized the need for a more results-driven investment approach. Dissatisfied with the status quo and driven by a desire to provide superior returns for our clients, we set out to establish a firm that would redefine investment excellence.

We invite you to explore our firm's story and discover the compelling reasons why partnering with PinePeak can be a rewarding investment opportunity. Together, we aim to achieve financial success through our proven investment strategies and commitment to delivering exceptional returns.

Why PinePeak Capital?

Full alignment

with investors

  • Unlike traditional fund management companies, we differentiate ourselves by eliminating management fees and other charges.

  • Our fee structure consists solely of performance fees with high watermark feature, ensuring a transparent and client-focused approach where charges are based solely on the profits generated.



  • By leveraging on our copytrading solution, investors gain direct access to our proven trading strategies.

  • This approach not only saves valuable time and effort but also eliminates the need for extensive research and analysis as our team expertly executes trades on your behalf, ensuring precise and timely execution. 

Performance driven


  • PinePeak is dedicated to delivering superior investment performance, aiming to consistently generate above-market returns for our investors, irrespective of the prevailing market conditions.

Full ownership and

autonomy of funds

  • PinePeak grants investors complete ownership and autonomy over their brokerage account and funds through copytrading, ensuring a transparent and secure environment.

  • This approach mitigates risks as investors maintain full control and unrestricted access to their accounts, allowing for seamless deposits and withdrawals without lock-up periods.

Backtested strategy with

active risk management

  • Our investment strategy has undergone rigorous backtesting, demonstrating its effectiveness across diverse historical time periods and crisis situations.

  • Furthermore, at PinePeak, we employ active risk management techniques, utilizing real-time news monitoring and fundamental analysis to reduce risks.

Trust and

investor protection

  • Investor funds are held in segregated client bank accounts in top-tier AA rated Australia banks, separated from the operational funds of the brokerage.

  • In the event of the brokerage becoming insolvent, funds held in these accounts will be returned to clients. This offers financial security for our investors' money.


We have achieved a 100% positive track record since inception in 2022.

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Why allocate valuable time to self-trading?

Join our copytrading service and experience hassle-free trading. Benefit from exclusive access to our time-tested trading strategy.

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